We’re Walking in a Winter Wonderland!


Imagine recreating a Winter fairy tale without having to visit the North Pole!   Russo’s on the Bay has done it once again. This year,  Frank Russo, Jr.  decided to take the decorations to the next level and called in the best in the business, Cambridge Floral.  They are responsible for decorating some of the most well-known buildings in Manhattan throughout the year and particularly during the Holidays.  The company also has a bridal division and is known throughout the wedding industry as  James Anthony Floral Event & Design

After speaking to owner, James Conigliaro Jr., Mr. Russo immediately hired James and his team to take on the huge responsibility of transforming our already beautiful catering hall into a snowy Winter Wonderland.  The building is trimmed with an array of icy trees, lush snow, sparkly icicles and whimsical lighting. The front and inside of the building were completed using over 10,000 energy conscious lights, LED snowfalls and flash bursts.  All lighting and special effects are cutting edge and can only be found at some of the most exclusive boutiques and department stores on Fifth Avenue like Tiffany, Salvatore Ferragamo, and Bergdorf Goodman

 My favorite area of the building is the ceiling of our Main Staircase leading to both the Tivoli and Renaissance ballrooms.  As you look up, you will be mystified by the snow covered manzanita branches hanging down, while snowfalls are brought to life using super bright computer-controlled LEDs.  This snowy setting just sparkles with the magic of a Winter fairy tale! 

 What is even more exciting is that our customers have requested and, as always, Mr. Russo has listened, that the decorations (with minor alterations) be kept up not only for the holidays but well into the month of January for our wintertime brides. 

Kelly Greco


3 Responses to “We’re Walking in a Winter Wonderland!”

  1. rich Says:

    You should post pictures sound great!!

  2. La'Shonne Shuler Says:

    Russo on the bay is a beautiful hall, Spectacular! Mr. Russo u have a gold mine and u made it a place for dreams to become true. My fiancé & I look forward to having our wedding @ your hall.

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