The Perfect Bloody Mary


Vetro by Russo’s On The Bay has been serving Sunday brunch for the last few weeks and it’s been going great. With the weather getting nice and the patio open, it’s a tremendous opportunity to enjoy Vetro’s cuisine. The feast starts off with a beautiful European Style Table Setting of various breads from around the world such as croissants, brioche and tarrali’s complemented with country ham, mortadella, soppressata with cheeses, jams and butter. From there you have an incredible appetizer choice including Yellowfin Tuna, Salmon, gorgeous vegetable platters, seasonal fruit and yogurt. The menu for entrees is to long to include here but has such wonderful fare as Chef Michael’s famous Sunday Sauce with Pasta, Omelettes, Breast of Chicken, Jumbo Shrimp and Shell Steak and Eggs. You can check out the menus at our website. The Brunch is rapidly becoming famous for Pete the Bartender’s Bloody Mary’s! The first one is complimentary! To see Pete in action making this delicious drink, check out the video below. Can’t promise he’ll reveal all his secrets but you can learn the fundamentals from him! Hope to see you soon at Brunch at Vetro!


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