Executive Chef Michael DeGeorgio’s Video Blog.


Join Executive Chef Michael DeGeorgio of Vetro by Russo’s On The Bay in his innaugural Video Blog taped on St. Patrick’s Day 2010.

In these video blogs, Chef DeGeorgio will share his insight into the unique styling of Italian cuisine at all of Russo’s On The Bay’s establishments, including the newest jewel, Vetro. Chef Michael will also share his experience in these video blogs on other topics as well as the inspiration hits him. These are sure to become “must see” videos for all the fans of Chef Michael and Russo’s On The Bay.

Enjoy this first look at the Regional Tasting highlight from Trentino, Italy to coincide with St. Patrick’s Day! Next week we will discuss the upcoming tasting menu from Lazio, Italy which will be in place through the wonderful Easter Celebrations at Vetro. Be sure to reserve your places at either Vetro or Russo’s On The Bay.


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One Response to “Executive Chef Michael DeGeorgio’s Video Blog.”

  1. scott Says:

    Mike outstanding video,,,,give me a call 7324969706 be well

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